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The Code to This Site Has Moved

The source code this static site is built on, which enables ActivityPub support has now moved to its own dedicated project space. This means that we will no longer post news updates from here ( regarding the development of the static site generator. Only posts related to Ham Radio and FLEAR will continue here.

If you came here to follow the static site generator only here are some links to follow it at its new home:

The new website is
The new handle to follow it on the fediverse is
The source can be found here:
Detailed install instructions can be found in the README here:
Here is a post detailing this release:

Please note during this move the project has also been updated to be much easier to install from scratch. The instructions are in the README.

Site's Hard Coded Variables are Now Configurable

For those of you using our static site code for your own site, or following the progress, this update is for you. We have recently updated the code to move all hard-coded references specific to this site out to a configuration file where possible. This means we will very soon be moving the repo and starting up a new account solely for this sites software (so FLEAR can do what it was supposed to).

Please keep a close eye for our next status update, which hopefully will be to announce the new repo and home for this project. In the meantime the code is ready for more eyes.

Open-sourcing the FLEAR site

We have decided to open-source and package the code for this website under the Apache license v2 and is available immediately. We have also began reworking the code for the site, and the documentation, to make it easier for others to adapt. Once the site is ready for consumption we will make another announcement.

ActivityPub Support Added

We have added ActivityPub support for this website!

If you would like to follow this blog from Mastodon or anywhere in the Fediverse just follow the handle and you will get new posts to this site directly in your feed.

In addition if you comment on one of our posts directly from your feed your comments and likes will show on the page for that article.